Keep Drupal Weird is a site dedicated to keeping Drupal weird. Its glory days were when it was picked up by hobbyists, hackers, makers, activists, techies, misfits, and other weirdos to bring a bit more joy and decency into the world. 

Over the years Drupal has become more Enterpriseā„¢ friendly, which is you know, a decision...Luckily the pendulum seems to be swinging back to its roots. Empowering ambitious site builders, means empowering the many people out there with grand plans that don't involve getting that sweet venture capital money and just want to do something for the love of it. 

This is a site to lift up all the weird websites that exist (or existed) thanks in part to Drupal.

It's maintained by Clayton Dewey (cedewey), a longtime weirdo Drupalist.